• Director of Photography with over twenty years experience.

• Shot in excess of nine Feature Films and twenty Television Dramas.

• Energetic on set, yet considerate and sensitive - part of the team.

• Worked extensively in Uk, Europe, India, America, Malaysia and the Middle East; in sometimes difficult locations.

CV - Download HERE.


Royal Television Society Craft and Design Awards nomination for 'Lighting, Photography and Camera - Drama For TOUCHING EVIL 25th Nov 1999

''Overall, “The Collection” is a visually and conceptually arresting drama. IndieWire 2017

'James Welland's exquisit cinematography' Amy Simmons - Time Out January 2009 (Aristocrats).

'This was a drama so accomplished, so dankly atmospheric and deftly characterised that it outshone all other TV thrillers in Christmas week.' Harriet Lane - The Observer, November 29 2002 (Hound of the Baskervilles)

'Perhaps the greatest joy of Aristocrats comes from Gerry Scott's production design; beautifully amplified by James Welland's exquisite lovingly lit camera work.' David Mermelstein - Daily Variety

'Scottish setting well caught in Welland's lensing.' Derek Elley – Variety (Beauliful Creatures)

'The genuine layered rapport between Weisz and Lynch (you wish they shared every frame together) elevates Beautiful Creatures from a well photographed genre mish mash to a well acted romp of female empowerment and ingenuity.' Brent Simon - Entertainment Today (Beauliful Creatures)

'Lensing accentuates the fancifull nature of the venture with the Welsh countryside a quaint plus.' Lisa Nesselson, Variety November 2002 (Plots with a View).

'The films are visually truly beautiful. I do hope you come and work for us again soon as you are a joy to have on the team.' Michelle Buck, Controller of Drama, United Productions (Touching Evil)

'James Welland's photography makes a strong contribution.' David Stratton - International Variety

'James Welland, [with whom Hall had worked with on Aristocrats] was brought on board as Director of Photography....in my view he is a collaborator and DP of the highest order. And he is a very good story teller enthuses the Producer, Chris Hall.' Broadcast June 2002 (Aristocrats)

'The photography and superb soundtrack had your heart beating.' Daily Mirror 22nd December 2002 (Hound of the Baskervilles)

'A very moody production, highlighted by James Welland's rough-edge lensing.' Michael Speier - Variety (Hound of The Baskervilles)

'The irony of 'Creatures' is that its real star is DP James Welland, whose precise attractive lensing brings sheen and professionalism to the production.' Derek Elley - Variety (Beautiful Creatures).

'Hussein has been aided in this stylish comedy by superb work by his cinematographer, James Welland, and production designer Lynne Whiteread.' Kirk Honeycutt The Hollywood Reporter. (Trying To Grow)

The production values are wonderful, the costumes striking and the locations authentic-looking from start to finish. The widescreen format is used to full effect here. Never before has the moor looked as atmospheric or menacing in any film version, and the opening, which alternates between shots of testimony at the inquest into Sir Charles’ death and his post-mortem, is a wonderful sequence that sets the gritty tone for the film.' Charles Prepolec, 2003 (Hound of The Baskervilles)

You also would never guess that a film of such ravishing visual beauty, so filled with vitality and ideas, was the work of a dying man [Derek Jarman], on the verge of going blind. Jims Reviews 2008 (Wittgenstein)

'Having said that there are a few 'crazy' DP's who manage to pull the rabbit out of the hat on a TV schedule. Nic Knowland is one such DP and I think our James Welland and Daf Hobson, to name a few, are also in that class.' Sangara Sing June 1999